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Download now: Demon Star

Demon Star it is one of several shoot’em ups distributed shareware way that invaded our PCs in one of the many fevers games there (in this case a real “wave of shoot’em ups 2D “but I leave to talk about it at another time;)).

Developed by Mountain King Studios and relying on 2D graphics and virtually no storyline (you will already taking off with your ship and shooting without knowing why), Demon Star pleases fans of the genre shoot’em up to follow the style (graphics, sound and gameplay) of the old school, that is, of the genre forefront games.

As previously mentioned, the game being distributed here is a shareware version, ie it can be distributed without problems, but it is not the full game, despite having a number of phases. If anyone is interested, you can search for one of several websites that sell the full version and get it.

Now, to stop both “talk” and start playing, simply click the link below, save to your computer, download and “double-click” in the game;)

Download and play Demon Star

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